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BLACK KoolCase-Universal RFID Phone holder -with ANTI-radiation shield

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Kool Case Phone Holder is designed to hold all smartphones.and comes in 2 sizes . Small for phones under 15 cm long (SMALL) and large for phones over 15cm long(LARGE)

Kool Case phone case fits all phones using a Velcro system with spare velcro patches for dashboard and is also an  RFID protected case to stop any of your cards or phone data being skimmed and  allows your camera to be used by sliding the phone upwards. There is a built in Heat/Radiation Shield to deflect the heat away from your face during a call and  is used closed so there are no accidental hangups, mutes etc and  stops the screen touching your face and sweat and makeup getting on the screen



Product Description


The Truth about Mobile Phone and Wireless Radiation

Existing evidence is raising significant questions about health risks from cell phone and wireless radiation. Given the size of the potential impact, there is inadequate awareness, research, and regulation and people should take precautions to reduce exposure now.

Do you ever experience a heat sensation during long calls or your phone gets hot? The heat is actually radiation.

KoolCase infused anti-radiation technology membrane reduces radiation emitted and shields body radiation absorption whilst maintaining full phone functionality.

For more on mobile phone radiation, see YouTube ‘The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation….Dr Devra Davis (Noble Peace Prize) and Environmental Health Trust Link

Smartphones are Vulnerable to Hacking

Smartphones store credit card and bank account details, transactions, emails, texts, identity, data, passwords and even location detection.

By using sophisticated malware, hackers can transmit malicious software into phones via an NFC chip. When in a Wi-Fi zone the malware opens, commanding phone software to backup all stored details to a cloud….the hacker’s server in disguise. KoolCase built-in anti-hacking technology detects, blocks, scrambles and jams malicious malware from being transmitted.

KoolCase also incorporates 3 x RFID anti-skimming credit card panels, protecting card and personal identity details.

When taking photos simply slide the phone upwards until the camera is exposed, take your shots and then return the phone to its ‘protected position’. KoolCase unique design fits all smartphones, no matter what make or model.

KoolCase… the Phone Case That’s More Than Just a Phone Case

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Dimensions 17 × 9 × 1 cm

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