Prevent criminals from using RFID
technology to steal your identity
Guard against digital credit
card and identity theft
Guard against digital credit
card and identity theft


RFIDSHIELD has an effective  lifespan and a WARRANTY of five years.To reassure yourself that your RFIDSHIELD is working simply place it next to a card when you go to make a tap and go payment. It will prevent the reader form seeing your card and on some versions illuminate a RED LED  showing it is active and jamming the scanner. Remove the RFIDSHIELD and the card will be accepted instantly.

RFIDSHIELD creates a 90mm E-Field, a sort of protective, digital perimeter which will protect about 12-15 credit or debit cards on either side of it, depending on card thickness. Simply place it behind or in between your cards. Remember not all cards have RFID chips that need protection.

All new Australian passports and most other countries also incorporate smart card technology. Slip RFIDSHIELD inside your passport for protection against identity theft or use a RFIDSHIELD Passport holder.

Yes. The card is waterproof and very durable but Don’t bend or cut it, expose it to extreme heat, or otherwise tamper with it.


So many people I know have been defrauded or skimmed so I purchased the RFIDSHIELD products and have never been skimmed and have peace of mind. For me RFIDSHIELD is the cheapest travel insurance money can buy.

Greg, Brisbane

I’ve been the victim of credit card fraud.  We were stranded without identity and money and ruined our overseas holiday. When I was shown RFIDSHIELD by a travel agent, and when I found out it also protects Passport details, I bought one straight away.

John, Sydney

I purchased RFIDSHIELD before a trip through South East Asia recently. When I got home I realised that the every day protection of having it in my wallet in Sydney is just as important as the protection it offered O.S.

Cameron, Sydney